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Perseverance in Television
This is an article from the founder of MTN.




This page will take some time, please share your stories and help make this the place for people in our state to find out how perseverance plays such a big part of making it in this business.

I started in the business in 1987 after attending the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. It was obvious from the beginning that a person would have to have a certain amount of perseverance to make it in this business
Out of a class of 30 only about 17 graduated.
As of now I only know of three people that remain in the business.

Immediately after graduating me and some fellow graduates produced Musical Renaissance – The show that Rocks Detroit. Matt Osborne was the host and producer.
Mary Ann Schroeder edited the program.
Jim Bell ran camera and I operated camera and was also a producer for the show.

This show highlighted local musicians and the had interviews and live performance from two of the hottest bands in Detroit at the time, Halloween and Sweet Tease.

Next I started an internship at Barden Cablevision in Detroit. This allowed me hands on experience operating camera, editing commercials and assisting with as many local origination projects as possible. I felt as if I had found my calling. The internship lasted five months until finally they started paying me a whopping five dollars an hour. I couldn’t complain it was a lot of fun and I was learning so many different things in such a short amount of time.

At 21 years of age and after trying other career paths that didn't work out. Automotive Electronics, The Army, Auto Body repair and also attending Gemini Fine Arts and Airbrushing school it was very comforting to finally find something that filled that creative void and got me out of the pizza biz, which I was employed at for the previous five years.
I felt as if I was going to make a giant leap forward and nothing could stop me.
On November 13, 1988 my world came to a complete and unexpected turn. I was in a serious car accident and suffered a closed head injury. My friend, Matt Osborne who was the driver and also the one who encouraged me to go to Specs, was paralyzed from chest down.
My head tried to go through the windshield, but didn't quite make it. After spending four days unconscious and on the edge of permanent brain damage, I came out of the vegetative state with many psychological challenges. Even though many problems exist, I still wanted to produce the show.
With that in mind and ignoring all the reasons why I should wait until things were more stable, I just went for it. I felt as if it gave me purpose and took my mind off my many obstacles.

Eight shows were produced in 1989.

Life was flowing so rapidly and the momentum of the force guided me to many people to help me create some shows that I never even imagined possible.
Dave Walter another person while I met at Sepcs hosted the show and Brian Thomas from Halloween did the music news.

The shows included local videos mixed with national artist. We had included interviews with Ted Nugent, The Bullet Boys, Warrent, Damien and some other popular bands that came to our city and those that were a big part of the emerging home-grown talent.
Reflecting back on that time in my life, I realize if I/we just go for it and don't accept failure or problems as permanent roadblocks.
Then all is possible. I might not be the smartest, nor the quickest, but determination, passion, love, an open mind and the ability to learn from my mistakes is on my side.
Even though working for free for five months showed me a good example of my perseverance, the accident and the will to pursue my career with more determination than ever was where the real perseverance came from.
It's been almost 12 years since the last Musical Renaissance show, but if you've browsed around on the site, you would know that it's going to come back. Hopefully this year.

That’s just a small part of my story of why I know that I can persevere in television.
The rest will be added as time goes on.

I have worked at WTVS TV56, WADL-TV38 and I am presently employed at WB20 where I have been for the past ten years.
Four shows of MTN have been completed, with the last one being our broadcast debut.

Michigan Television Network was first a thought in 1993 while attending a business class at Oakland Community College.
The teacher ask the class to think of something we would like to do that we could picture ourselves doing for the rest of our lives or at least a really long time.
At that point there was also a major deterrent and that will be added soon .
There have been a lot of obstacles, mistakes, egos and just extreme frustration from being in this business.
But in the long run, I realize that all of this is necessary to help me grow and be the person I need to be to take on the challenges of what is to come. For all I've been through, I am grateful. I know this will all pay off one day, that I am certain of. When I don't have a clue, but it will happen.
Every time when faced with adversity, I get a little bit stronger, wiser and it makes me get more focused on where I want to go and how I'm going to get there.
One of the keys for me is to try and focus on what I do have and not what is lacking in life. Not easy and I often lose that focus, but I always manage to get back on track somehow. It's as if some invisible force is guiding me.
I won't accept failure or quitting as an option.
I will kick adversities a--.
This story will take some time, so please browse around, share your story and help add to the content of this site.
This site is ours, not mine. Just as Michigan Television Network is.

Check out this poem, it's about my biggest challenge in life and it has a lot to do with why I can say that perseverance is on my side.

Check out this poem, it's about my biggest challenge in life and it has a lot to do with why I can say that perseverance is on my side.
my poem.









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