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Michigan Television Network
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Volunteer application



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Phone number:

What position are you applying for

Where did you hear about our organization?

Would you be interested in helping distribute flyers?

Relevant experience and/or Employment (attach resume if relevant)

Area of expertise/contribution you feel you can make?

Why are you interested in our organization?

What would be the best times for you to participate?

What kind of programs would you be interested in creating?

Would you be interested in seeing a specific place in Michigan explored/explained on TV, If yes, where?

Do you think Michigan has the potential of becoming one of the entertainment capitals of the world?

Why/ why not?

Would you be interested in watching any of the following programs if they were produced locally?


1. Michigan funniest videos

2. Home improvements

3. Local comedians

4. All positive news

5. Health programs

6. Detroit cops

7. Stupid/funny people tricks

8. Michigan most wanted

9. Let the people be heard

10. Local music videos

List two or more of your biggest influential TV programs ?

List two of your music influences ?


Where do you want to be five years from now?

Any additional comments





Thank you for your time and we hope to have you join our team to create Michigan Television.

This will not be opened if sent as an attachment. Please mail to

P.O. BOX 765 ROYAL OAK, MI 48068-0765 or cut and paste.




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