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Minutes of past meetings

Michigan Television Network
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Michigan Television Network

September 8, 2001 12pm Meeting

Revised 9-7-01 824pm

Meeting Outline:

A. New addition -Stase Scwartz from Specs Howard school.
B. Mike Williams absent due to family obligations.
Don Campbell - absent - miscommunication, he went to the wrong restaurant.

2. MTN moving forward:
A. As of August 17, 2001 the 501c(3) status has been granted. Require application to be submitted to solicit funds How to Book Non-Profit $79, available for purchase.
B. PBC grant's Status - $2000 is still in good standing. The money will go for graphics and some editing. Mike Williams will checking on which post production facility for us to use.
C. The future of MTN. - RRB - It's in our hands. We control that happens to this organization and where we go from here. We need to focus on what we do have and go forward. Malik may have connections to Kid Rock for interview.
D. Mission statement. RRB- We all need to come up with something. This needs to be a collective effort. We need to define who we are and what we stand for.
E. Guidelines board/volunteers and freelancers. RRB - Same as above. As of now the deadline for this will be October 20th. The one guideline that I noted is that people must follow through with what they say.
F. 20 News Releases went out this week. With an additional 100 emails. - More to go out once Annie and Ronnie collaborate on their contacts and addresses.
G. Ronnie mentioned that Community Media Network offers production classes ifanyone is interested. Their number is 248-589-7778.

3. Board Members:
A. Active Board:
1. Ronnie Brewster 2. Mike Williams 3. Paula Parisot 4. Brian Belesky 5. Don Campbell
B. New board member applications due by September 20/ voting will take place by October 1st. Received Annie Houston's at meeting. Waiting on Malik's.
C. Voting for officers will also take place on those dates. Any interest please submit by 9/20/01 We will need to nominate people for positions and make a ballot for voting. We will probably do alot of communicating through email.
D. Budgets - special meeting among board for development of budget The board will have to contact each other to come up with this.

4. Raising funds:
A. Shirts sold - 12 - RRB 8 - Paula 8- Rob Bradley.
B. Contributions - Jerry and Paula, Michigan Vue & Rob Bradley.
C. Script to solicit funds and equipment donation. (oral and written).
D. Promotional package: Annie and Paula will work on :30 second promo script. Ronnie will continue to work on testimonial video.
E. Promotional video: need 2-:30 second promos written. One at beginning, one at end.
See D.
F. Advertisers: Need to start making phone calls. Also need application to solicit funds.
G. Have written one to Community Foundation and it will be out by the end of the month.
H. Stockbrokers wife working on generic letter. baby due this month.
I. Fundraisers - Malik will see what he can do to get this moving along.
Need to come up with promtional package first for presentation. Need a club.

5. Expenses
A. Immediate - Tapes, Stamps, Paper, stationary, Film and processing, scanner.
B. For broadcast of next three shows $6000.
C. Future - Microphones, light kit, Insurance, 2nd camera, 2 tripods, freelance wages, editing system. next years broadcast.
D. Beyond 2002 - Office, staff, more equipment, consistency producing programs.

6. Next shows:
A. Comedy show - Will be edited by the end of the month.
-Need to write and produce promos for Musical Renaissance and MTN.
B. Musical Renaissance - The show that Rocks Detroit. Videos: Kid Rock, Iggy Pop, Nugent, Stewart Francke. Interviews George Clinton, Howling Diablos, Tom Ness and some influential people in the music industry.
-Need 2nd host. - DJ/ Michelle, vote - What about having a man paired up with Nicole?
Michelle has agreed to be second host as long as we can do it when she's not obligated to be on the road.
-Need promo written for next Comedy show.
C. MTN - Bruce Campbell - Bruce Campbell Dodge has not been returning calls. Joe Loduca has.
- Mike Ridley - interview on the 25th went well. Had supporting interview with Mark Tuesday trying to secure interviews with Ken Calvert, Four Greens owner and Dick O Dows owner. Also waiting on pictures from Mike.
Greg Russell can be fourth interview. - Stase Schwartz has agreed to do segment.
- Nicole 11:11 - Paula will take care of it after we get other priorities completed. Nicole has agreed to host the show as long as it fits in her schedule.
D. Next MTN show - Not the time to discuss it.

7. Evil Dead/Count Scary - World Television Premiere.
A. Count scary wants $5000 Still might happen without host. MTN is trying to air a 4-6 minute segment in the broadcast. Anchor Bay rep out of town. Proposal to WB20 on 9- 7

8. Website
A. Still need scanner, need FrontPage Software.
B. Video page coming soon.
C. Help with content: mission, vision, about.
D. Board members personal page is up and running. Members are encouraged to put personal info and writings on the site.

9. Next show Assignments
A. Alexander Zonjic: Brian Belesky to produce half hour special.
B. Next Comedy show- Malik will arrange.
C. Film segments - Buzz Jones a DFC board member has an interest and Mike Williams is considering take the film coarse and might have interest.
D. Next Musical Renaissance -
E. Music awards show for next year. Talking with past President of the organization to try to arrange something.
F. Promos - Paula and Annie will try to write.

10. Interviews Shot.
A. Shane Pliska
B. Jon Liebman
C. Randy Z.

11. Segments of interest:

A. Kathleen Thompson
B. Marcia Boemnn
C. Marc Ludeman

12. Next Meeting A. Set date: October 20th. -- email went out soon after rescheduling till October 27.

Michigan Television Network

Minutes of July 28, 2001 meeting

Meeting was called to order at 1:15 p.m.

In attendance: Ronnie Brewster (board member), Andre Harris, Mike Williams(board member), Penny Erdodi, Stephanie Erdodi, Paula Parisot(board member), Brian Belesky(board member), Annie Houston, and Malik Muqaribu

By-laws and Articles of Incorporation were distributed to those in attendance.

Distribution of responsibility was discussed and how to create a team effort to make MTN productive.

The PBC grant was approved, waiting on finalization This will establish a reputation with PBC for future grants Each in attendance gave an overview of past experience, why they ere at the meeting and what they hope to achieve.

Active board members were announced along with a request to inform Ronnie with the names of those who may be interested.

Regarding the 501 C3 status- a non-profit consultant was hired to rewrite the by-laws and the IRS gave Ronnie a two week extension to complete necessary paperwork.

Regarding raising funds- a phone script to solicit funds and equipment needs to be prepared. Paula will work on it with the help of Annie. Ronnie is working on a promotional package.

A collaboration of contacts were requested to be brought to the next meeting of corporations and individuals to be solicited.

Ronnie' stock broker's wife is to work on foundation letters We need to organize the phone solicitation and mail-out procedures The next shows were discussed- Musical Renaissance to be shot at a night club possibly Arthur P., Emerald City Videos in possession of: Kid Rock, Iggy Pop, Nugent, Seger, and Stewart Francke Interviews, George Clinton, Howling D's, and some influential people in the music industry Need host, DJ's, Michelle, Nicole, Vote at next meeting

MTN- Mike Ridley Aug. 25. Also need supporting interviews Bruce Campbell- need one interview
Nicole 11:11 - status
Need two or three more interviews
Anton James Video
Evil Dead/Count Scary- World Television Premier-
What we get out of the deal 2 minute promo - Billboards
Ronnie still needs to meet with Tom Ryan

Comedy Show-
Need script for opening and editing facilities


As soon as a scanner is obtained pictures will be added The domain will be given a main address when funds are secured for he site

Special Assignments-
Jim Hughes- MCMF promo video to air at awards
Alexander Zonjic-interview
Mike Ridley
Interviews Shot-

Shane Pliska

Jon Liebman

Randy Z.

Phillip Dimambro

Greg Russell

Ronnie welcomes segment and interview ideas

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Next meeting scheduled for September 8, 2001 time and place to be determined

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Next board meeting is September 8, 2001 at 1pm.

If you are interested in getting involved or sponsoring one of our programs please call

248-570-0863 or try email.




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