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Here's What We're All About

Michigan Television Network
The future in local television.


About MTN

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Update - August 24, 2001

As of August 17, 2001. Michigan Television Network is officially, legally a 501C3 corporation.

You can now make tax deductable monetary or equipment donations.

Please mail checks to:

Michigan Television Network

PO BOX 765

Royal Oak, MI


Thank you for your support.

If you plan on donation equipment, please call and we will come pick it up. We are in need of used 3/4-beta decks, used cameras, lights and microphones.

If you are interested in getting involved or sponsoring one of our programs please call

248-570-0863 or try email.




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If you would like to get involved
and help create Michigan Television.
Please click here and fill out the volunteer application.



Support local Television - Purchase your own MTN shirt for 15.00 plus 2.00 for shipping and handling. XX Large and bigger add 2.00
Send check or money order to:
PO BOX 765 Royal Oak,
MI 48068

page updated Jan 23, 2002


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