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Check out the Musical Renaissance Special on the Starlight Drifters October 19 @ 3am on WWJ-TV-62 (CBS) Friday night, Saturday morning . 444444444444 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62

4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62 444444444444 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62 October 19 @ 3am on WWJ TV-62

1. Ronnie R. Brewster – 1987 Specs Howard graduate. 1987-1989 Worked @ Barden Cablevision with the ad sales department, technically produced commercials and also produced nine music video programs for, “Musical Renaissance – The show that Rocks Detroit. 1989 – 1990, Mcr and camera operator at WTVS TV-56
1992 – Present, employed at WB20 in the engineering and production departments.
MTN - Founder, Executive Producer, Writer, Promotion Director, Webmaster, Camera, Photographer, and Editor.

Contact RRB.
RRB webpage.
Board Member -- July 2001 --President

2. Michael Williams – 1979 – 1986 Project B.A.I.T. Audio & Video workshops. Technical operations for the “For My People” radio and television programs.
1988 – Present, employed at WB20 in engineering department, technical operations.
MTN – Director, camera and photographer.

Contact Mike.
Mikes webpage.
Board Member -- July 2001 -- Vice President

3. Brian Belesky – 1985 Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts graduate. 1997 B.A from Madonna University. 1987 – 1997 Operations Manager at WMUZ radio. 1996 – 1997 Producer and on air talent for WPON radio.
1997 – Present, employed at WB20 in the engineering department working in technical operations.
MTN – Announcer, photographer and production assistant.

Contact Brian.
Brians webpage.
Board Member -- July 2001

4. Paula Parisot - 2001-Present Reporter, Tri-City Times Newspaper Imlay City, Michigan. 2000-Present Content Writer,, Signal Hill, California. 1989-1991 Producer, International Commercial Talent Services, Inc. Southfield, Michigan Sophomore, St. Clair Community College Major Journalism/Minor Business.
MTN - Producer, Promotions and Writer.

Contact Paula
Paula's webpage.
Board Member -- July 2001 - Treasurer

5. Annie Houston - 2001 - Promoter and Marketer for bands, musicians, independents, and Women's International Investment Network ("YUM is the WORD"). Freelance writer and photojournalist for The South End (A&E department). Musician (guitar and piano), writer, composer and poet with pieces currently featured on Working on a CD of poetry backed with music and beats along with original songs. Worked previously on a Christian game show operating camera, editing, and acted as assistant floor director. Currently employed at Wayne State in the office of Orientation as Assistant to the New Students Programs Coordinator.
MTN - Writer, promotions and marketing.

Contact Annie
Annie's Webpage
Board Member -- September 2001 -- Secretary

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing local entertainment.

Our Mission:

To support and encourage the development of television quality in Michigan and increase public awareness of Michigan's home grown talent, through such means as producing broadcast quality television programs displaying the great wealth of talent of Michigan's creative community.

The Vision

To be capable of uniting the creative community; broadcast professionals, filmmakers, writers, comedians, artist, musicians and others regardless of ego's to work together for a common goal.

To allow the world to see what our state has to offer.




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