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Supporting MTN

Shop around for a few original items you won't find anywhere else,
and support a good cause at the same time.

OK, so the only items we have at this time are t-shirts.

You can make tax deductible contributions to MTN.

We also accept and appreciate any used video equipment.

Contact MTN.

Support local Television. Support Michigan Television Network.

For as little as $25 you can help get Musical Renaissance on the air.

The first Musical Renaissance - The show that Rocks Detroit was shot December 1st at The White Room studios in Detroit.
This is a music video show that recognizes Michigan Musicians. We will have videos from Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Iggy Pop, Stewart Francke and Robb Roy.
An exclusive interview with the Howling Diablos and parts of interviews from radio legend Ken Calvert and Jam Rag Magazine publisher, Tom Ness.
A brief appearance from George Clinton and a host that will make Detroit proud.
Local singer, Baywatch babe and one of Detroit's best kept secrets - NicoleTindall.

For your $100 tax deductible contribution you receive:

*Listed in the credits under additional funding.
*Listing on the website of your generous donation on the contributions and sponsors page.
(The contributions page is permanent and the sponsors page will be for the specific shows it assist with funding.)
*Links to your site.
* The pride of knowing that you do more than just talk about how local Television is needed and beneficial to our entertainment industry in Michigan.

This show will air on broadcast Tv in a latenight time slot.

If your interested, please call Ronnie Brewster at 248-376-4162. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please contact us.



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Support local Television - Purchase your own MTN shirt for 15.00 plus 2.00 for shipping and handling. XX Large and bigger add 2.00

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MI 48068

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