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Shelby township Michigan Television Network
The future in local television

Starting in Shelby Township, November 11 on channels 18 and 20.

Tuesdays and Thursdays @10:30am, 3:30pm and 12:30am. Saturdays @8pm and Sundays @4pm.

Starting November 11, 2003.

New shows coming later this year. Check back soon for updates.

Week one - Musical Renaissance #1 - Hosted by Nicole Tindall with local videos from Stewart Francke and Robb Roy. Plus interviews with Ken Calvert,Tom Ness and a special appearance by George Clinton.
(Aired twice on WB20 in 2002.)

Week two - The Starlight Drifters - Hosted by Brandy Miller and shot a Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak.
(Aired twice on UPN-50 in 2002.)

Week three - Musical Renaissance #2 - Hosted by Nicole Tindall and Shot at Talent Live studios in Canton with videos from Mustard Plug, Anton James, Halloween, Freddy and the Four-Gone Conclusions. Plus an interview with local film composer - Joe Loduca.

Week four - The Brothers Groove - Hosted by Brandy Miller and Shot a 5th Avenue in Royal Oak.
(In Association with Jam Rag magazine)

Week five - 1988 Musical Renaissance - Hosted by Matt Osborne with musical guest, Halloween and Sweet Teaze.
(In association with Jam Rag Magazine.)

Week six - The I-ROCK nightclub Special - The Sillies, RSP and Koyl.
Aired on UPN-50 in 2003) In association with Jam Rag.

Week seven - Ray Street Park - Includes message from O.D from Motor City Riffs heard on 101.1 FM WRIF every Sunday @10pm.

Week eight - The Sillies - Includes interview with Doug Podell from 101.1 WRIF and snippets from Howard Hertz and Gary Graff.

Week nine - Koyl - Includes snipets from Jam Rag publisher, Tom Ness.

Week ten - The Michigan Comedy show - Shot at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle with laughs from Mike Ridley and Kevin Wheeler.

Approximately 22,000 households.

Check back here for dates and times

Coming soon to Ann Arbor.
Check back here for updates.

If you would like to see this in your city, contact us at 248-376-4162 and let us know.

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