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CTN in Ann Arbor CH 17 Michigan Television Network
The future in local television

The last shows aired in late November 25th @11:30pm on Channel 17.

Michigan Television Network will be airing in Ann Arbor through Community Television Network.

On Tuesdays @11:30pm on Channel 17.

Shows that have aired.

The first Musical Renaissance, The Starlight Drifters, MR #2 and The Brothers Groove shows. More shows will be coming later this year. Check back soon for new shows.

We will be airing shows again later this year. Starting with the show from Sponge.

This is on cable in the following cities - Ann Arbor and Belleville

72,000 cable subscribers.

Coming soon to Westland and Wyandotte.
Check back here for updates.

If you would like to see this in your city, contact us at 248-376-4162 and let us know.

More info about the show, click here.

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