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Michigan nonprofits

Michigan Television Network
Bringing michigan nonprofits together.

Non Profits of Michigan.



  The Detroit Film Coalition

  Michigan Media Professionals



  The Motor City MusicFoundation

  Purple Rose Theatre

Michigan Outdoors Writers Association

  Community Media Network

  Womens international investment network

  Michigan Television Network

Michigan Television Network

  Michigan Nonprofit Center


  Accounting Aid Society







About MTN
Michigan Television Network is non profit organization dedicated to recognizing local talent.



To support and encourage the development of television quality in Michigan and increase public awareness of Michigan's home grown talent, through such means as producing broadcast quality television programs displaying the great wealth of talent of Michigan's creative community. To bring entertainment related nonprofits together.

"The Vision"

To be capable of uniting the creative community; broadcast professionals, filmmakers, comedians, artist, musicians and others regardless of ego's to work together for a common goal.
To allow the world to see what our state has to offer.



If you are interested in getting involved or sponsoring one of our programs please call

248-570-0863 or try email.




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