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Michigan Musicians

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Michigan Musicians

Local connection to musicians

Musical Renaissance

The Show that Rocks Detroit due March of 2002.

A Music video show that recognizes local acts as well as national artist that are from here that have made it in the big time. Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Bob Seger, Iggy Pop, and mixing that with local videos from bands such as, Nicole 11:11, Anton James, Robb Roy and The Howling Diablos.

Hosted by Nicole Tindall.

The first show was shot December 1st at White room studios in Detroit. It will include videos from Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Stewart Francke, Iggy Pop and Robb Roy. Exclusive interviews with radio legend, Ken Calvert, Jam Rag publisher, Tom Ness, The Howling Diablos and a cameo from Mr. Funkadelic himself, George Clinton.
Expected broadcast end of March beginning of April.

The second show will have videos from a band out of Grand Rapids - Mustard Plug, The talented Anton james, The Motor City Madman - Ted Nugent and the video from Kid Rock that was shot at State Fair - Forever.

Now accepting videos for our 3rd and 4th shows.

This show will give bands incentive to make videos, you now have an outlet to air your videos. In the past if local bands made a video and sent it to MTV or VH1, they had very little chance of getting it on the air. We will change that by creating a show that will get on local broadcast television.

We need more music videos to make this happen, If you have one or know of any bands that have videos, please contact us and let us know.

Please do not send videos with pornagraphic material or profanity.

Contact Musical Renaisssance - The show that Rocks Detroit.

Check out these local bands and musicians.

  Twistin Tarantulas>


  Howling Diablos

  Marc Ludeman

  Anita Baker

  Bob Seger

Ted Nugent

Motown records

Kid Rock

  Crystal Cannon

  George Clinton and the P Funk band

new funktimes

Musical Renaissance



Joe Brown

  Alice Cooper

Blue Boundary Records

  Jill Jack Band

  Iggy Pop

  Verve Pipe

  Robb Roy

Michigan Artist


  60 second crush

  Anton James

  Mustard Plug

Ray Street Park

Ray Street





Musicians that have been on the show or will be soon.

To see a small list of musicians that make Michigan music world class Click here.


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Thank you Tom and Sue Ness from Jam Rag magazine.

For your contribution to recognizing local musicians for over 16 years.

Contact Tom click on the picture

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