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This page is in memory of Matt Osborne

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Check back soon for more pictures and the rest of the story of how I met Matt and what an influence he was on my life.

Matt in his new van after moving to Arizona

Ronnie Brewster, The President and founder of Michigan Television Network first met Matt Osborne in high school.
And so the story goes...

My first impression of Matt was that he was crazy, Fun, but definately crazy. One of the first times I drove in his car he went for over a mile backwards. Why, because it was fun, and yes at 17 yeas old. It was fun.

In 1987 Matt influenced me to go to the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and pursue a career in RADIO. Yes, at one time I thought I wanted to be a DJ. Matt also influenced me to start playing guitar, experimenting with all kinds of music. I remember we used to go to Sams Jams that used to be on nine mile in Ferndale and buy discount albums between 1 and 5 bucks. That was when I first started getting into MegaDeath, Judas Priest, Wendy O Williams, some punk stuff and just about anything we could find.
Immediately after graduating me and some fellow graduates produced Musical Renaissance The show that Rocks Detroit. Matt Osborne was the host and producer.

This show highlighted local musicians and the had interviews and live performance from two of the hottest bands in Detroit at the time, Halloween and Sweet Tease.
On November 13, 1988 our worlds came to a complete and unexpected turn. We were both in a serious car accident and I suffered a closed head injury, Matt who was the driver was paralyzed from chest down.
Eight shows were produced in 1989.

There was a few times when I would visit Matt in rehabilitation and bring my little portable monitor and show him that the show was still alive. Our dream was still alive.

The shows included local videos mixed with national artist. We had included interviews with Ted Nugent, The Bullet Boys, Warrent, Damien and some other popular bands that came to our city and those that were a big part of the emerging home-grown talent.
Those were some really good days. Getting laid, partying, not really having a care in the world. As they say, young dumb and full of c--.
What a reality check we had.
It's been 15 years since the last Musical Renaissance show and its finally back.
The first show was actually compelted before his death, but he never got to see it. Matt was my freind, my mentor and my brother.
I'm so very thankful that our paths crossed.
So you see, one person has the potential to plant the seds to change enhnace anothers life. I am very grateful for my friend Matt. I'll miss him dearly, but he will always live within my heart.

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