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Hey bands, If your looking for a good way to promote you band through television, we can help. We are looking to create a mutual beneficial relationship with a few bands.
We need to get funds coming in and you need to let the public know your out there, so hereís what we propose.

Option #1.
Do a fundraiser for us. We would come out and tape your live performance. Hopefully we could raise at least $600 from this. We realize that if your band does not have a following this could be difficult, so we offer you -

Option #2.
Make a $600 contribution.

With both options we will do a three camera shoot, with interviews and edit it into a half-hour show to air on cable. Some bands, depending on the funds raised and of course the music, would also make it to broadcast TV.
A board of directors would decide this after the shoot is complete.

We do have a professional crew that with over thirty years of combined experience in the video business. Our goal is to bring the music to the people through television. Unfortunately we canít keep doing this without any funds. We all have families and full time employment elsewhere, this is our dream and through this we hope to help you with your dream. If you have an interest, please give us a call and discuss the possibilities.

We are a 501C3 nonprofit organization and your contribution would be tax deductible.

The second episode of Musical Renaissance has been completed. If your interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at 248-376-4162.

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