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Future segments

Michigan Television Network
The future in local television.


Future segments
These are some of the people who are associated from Michigan that we are pursuing for future segments

If you can help us out, please contact us.

Future interviews

Anita Baker - Singer

Alexander Zonjic -

Alice Cooper - Singer

Aretha Franlklin - Singer

Ann Delisi - Local show on WTVS, Backstage Pass. Music Director at the Planet 96.3.

Arthur Penhallow - Detroit DJ legend.

Artserve - A nonprofit organization supporting local artist through grants.

Bill Bonds - Former WXYZ anchor. Was also in the first planet of the apes.

Berry Gordy - Founder of Motown

Bob Seger - Singer/Musician/Writer

Carmen Harlan - WDIV news Anchor

Charlton Heston - Actor/Moses

David Spade - Actor/Comedian

Dave Coulier - Comedian/Actor - Full House

David Allen Grier - Comedian/Actor

Darren McCarty - Detroit Red Wing, also sings in a local band.

Diana Ross - Singer

Della Reese - Actress

Dennis Archer - Mayor of Detroit

Ed McMahon - Actor/Star search guy.

Eminem - Rapper.

Elmore Leonard - Writer

Eric Smith - WXYZ

Francis Ford Coppola - Director

Geoffry Fieger - Attorney

Home Improvement editor - Woman who did the open from HP. Graduated from Specs Howard.

James Earl Jones - Actor/The voice of God.

Jam Rag Magazine - A local magazine targeting local musicians.

Jeff Daniels - Actor/Owner of the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea Michigan.

Josh Becker - Filmaker/Director- Graduated from Groves High School

Kathleen Thompson - Producer, writer and Photographer from Madonna University.

Kathleen McEvilly - The Queen of Sit Down Comedy.

Kid Rock -

Kasey Kasem -

Les Brown - Motivational Speaker. - Had a scheduled interview with him at Church of Today in Warren. I waited for three hours and then he couldn't find the time to do the interview.

M & M animator - (Graduated from Specs Howard)

Marcia Boehnn - Motivational Speaker/Writer

Madonna - Singer/Actor

Mary Ann Williamson - Pastor at Church of Today in Warren.

METV Producers - New local show on WDIV.

Mike Ridley - Local singing comedian.

MPI - Motion Picture Institute.

Michael Moore - Producer -Wrote numerous times, no response.

Mitch Album - Author/Writer. Kindly declined due to numerous obligations.

Mike Illitch - Owner of Red Wings/Second City

Mike Duffy - Free press entertainment writer.

Mort Crim - Mort Crim Communications.

Madonna - Singer

Purple Rose Theatre - A nonprofit theatre training directors and actors in Chelsea Michigan.

Rob Tappert - Executive Producer of Xena and Hercules. Have contacted through mail, No response. Graduated from Groves High school.

Scott Speigal - Director/Producer - Graduated from Groves High School.

Sams & Stoick - local writers of children books.

Shane Pliska - 19 year old film student. Graduated from Groves High School. in 1999.

Sam Raimi - Director/Executive Producer of Hercules and Zena -Graduated from Groves High school. Have contacted through mail. Responded with a kind letter.

Sinbad - Comedien/Actor

Steven Seagull - Acto.

Stevie Wonder - Singer

Stewart Fracnke - Singer/Songwriter.

Tom Selleck - Actor. Three men and a baby/Friends.

Ted Raimi - Actor - Graduated from Groves High School.

Ted Nugent - Motor City Madman.

Tim Allen - Actor/Comedian - Home Improvement/ Santa Claus.

Wayne Dyer - Motivational Speaker/Writer.

Winans - Gospel singing group.

list updated 1-18-2001






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