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2002 Milestones Michigan Television Network
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Michigan TV Milestones in 2003

*December 2003- The 2003 Detroit Music Awards aired on Fridays through Comcast in Walled Lake on CH 22 and through Comcast in Southfield on Fridays @9:05pm on CH 18.

*December 2003- MTN expands cable coverage to almost 900,000 cable subscribers throughout Michigan.

*November 2003- MTN tapes Sponge at the Magic Bag in Ferndale.

*November- As of November 25th we are airing in Ann Arbor through Community Television Network on Tuesdays @11:30pm on Channel 17.

*November- As of November 11th we are now airing in Shelby Township on CH 18 & 20.
Click for times and to see what else is airing.

*October- As of October 31st we are airing downriver through Comcast cable on Fridays on CH20 @11:30pm.

*October- As of October 16th we are airing in Bruce and Washington Townships and Romeo on Channel 6. Thursdays @7:30pm.

*September- The first Musical Renaissance show ever created aired through Community Media Network in Troy.
It dates back to 1988 and has musical guest, Halloween and Sweet Teaze Hosted by co-creator, Matt Osborne.
Click here to find out which cities it will be airing in.

*September- We taped American Jam, Kong and Deaf Go Blind at the I-ROCK nightclub in Detroit. Check back soon for airdates.

*September- The 2003 Detroit music awards show airs in Detroit, Royal Oak, Troy and various other cities.

*July- MTN interviews Anton James.

*May- We are now airing to over 709,000 cable subscribers throughout Michigan.
To find out where, Click here.

*April- Shows with The Sillies, Koyl, The Brothers Groove and Ray Street Park are completed.

*April- MTN tapes the Detroit music Awards.

*March- MTN airs I-ROCK nightclub special on UPN-50.
The show included performances from The Sillies, Ray Street Park and Koyl. Plus exclusive interviews from the Doc of Rock, Doug Podell and Motor City Riffs DJ, O.D.

*March- MTN was on the O.D./Motor City Riffs show on WRIF 101.1FM.

*February - We had our first fundraiser thanks to the Sillies, the I-ROCK nightclub, Koyl and Ray Street Park. <

*February - MTN interviews Doug Podell from WRIF.

*January - MTN interviews O.D. from WRIF.

If you would like to see this in your city, contact us at 248-376-4162 and let us know.

More info about the show, click here.

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